The mules, on our farm, I’ve referred to before. We often rode them. My favorite was, Pet, because she was gentle and less apt to rub me off on a tree, than some of the others. The main issue with the mules was what happened to their psyches when they were turned toward the barn. They suddenly became maniacs, frantically galloping, at high speed toward barn and hay.  Such is the case with the Stache. 

He finished strong, completing 3,500 miles for Challenged Athletes.  Our celebration was all the sweeter because our friends Bill and Marilyn were there at the finish with hugs, cheers and a banner, signed by our Cablekrew buddies. Friend, Bill, thinks The Stache is crazy and told him so. Old news in the Geppert household.   We enjoyed a few days of lobster, hiking and savoring the stunning beauty of Maine’s coast. The Tin Can had to spend a couple of nights at the Mercedes Infirmary, but was released with a clean bill of health at 5pm on Wednesday.  We hit the road approximately 20 minutes later.  Mule to the barn. 

One thing we have learned is that this part of the country closes its shutters early after Columbus Day. Consequently, it was difficult to find a place to stay AND it was equally difficult to find something to eat.  Google and Tin Can to the rescue! We found a place to stay, online. It had a kitchenette.  The Tin Can generously supplied grill cheese sandwiches and a can of tomato soup. Kinda reminded me of our days as newly weds. The following morning the conversation turned to the trip home.  The Stache suggested we might be able to cover 400-500 miles per day.  He even lightly suggested that we could put the TC on cruise, and trade places so that driving might remain constant.  We both laughed over our coffee, but I knew he was continuing to think about the possibility.  Mule to the barn. How can one possibly express the gratitude of experiencing the things we’ve experienced through this great adventure? We are so thankful for the opportunity, the capacity, the people (especially the athletes and their families), the safety, the amazing weather and the beauty of this great country. We are humbled that you would follow us and again, we thank you for your thoughtful and generous contributions that will go far in changing many lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love and appreciate you. 

I close with an assortment of God’s confetti……you deserve an abundance of it!❤️


3 thoughts on “Like a Mule to the Barn

  1. I LOVED THE CONFETTI!!! Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray. Well done faithful ones. What an amazing adventure and such a blessing to those of us who had even a small glimpse of what God did through it. I am so glad you were both faithful to complete this journey. You are wonderful and we are in awe (my wonderful husband, Jeff Dowler and myself). Journeys mercies to the barn. 🙂


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