The photos I post donโ€™t always pertain to the subject matter of the blog. There is a tendency to capture the beautiful places and forget to document the not so exciting stuff. So, enjoy the beauty while you read about the Tin Can!

Turns out the Tin Can has the ๐Ÿ˜ท flu! I had pulled off the road to wait for the Stache. He passed by in safety. But when I attempted to proceed, the TC coughed and sneezed and balked, refusing to go faster than 5mph! I turned on the flashers and made it to the parking lot of a preschool. The director was most kind and allowed the Tin Can to collapse in her parking lot. 

No! Not the preschool! Just liked the looks of this market.  After calling AAA, and making a number of calls, it was determined that only a Mercedes dealership can address the problem as it is a computer issue.  Sooooo, this morning the Stache took off, to FINISH his ride, and I set about getting the TC sorted. 

At breakfast I met a dear lady, Karen, who asked how she might help. Yes! I needed a ride back to the TC. Off we went! I checked twice to see if she had wings, because to me, she was an angel. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Dennis, the tow truck driver, arrived in a timely fashion.  He and his dog drove me back to the B&B and off he went to tow the TC to Bangor! (The closest dealer…85 miles from here.) We will figure it out. 

Posting this a day after The Stache finished!!!!!!  Will post some pictures of that today. Thank you for your prayers! We are so thankful for great weather, safety and good health throughout! 


5 thoughts on “Tin Can, Part 2

  1. So glad you all made it to the finale!! So sorry the TC was not able to finish the race but it got you almost to the end. While Bill was gliding across the finish line with style you were catching rides from a new friend. Thankfully you are all fine… the pictures are beyond words. You have truly seen some of the orettiest sights in America What a blessing !!


    1. Thank you Sista. It has been a great trip. I slept like I was in a coma last night….no worries about Billy safety, if I will be able to find him, where we will stay! But I will also miss it and especially the time w him. Itโ€™s been great. God is GOOD!!!! Love u!


  2. Congratulations to both of you! Finale! Thank you, Lord for safety in this journey and for the great adventure it’s been. May this blog be a blessing and inspiration to mall who read it. Amen.


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