The Tin Can has been a faithful companion on this journey. It’s provided a safe place to sleep, served as a perfect resource for snacks, rest and a local diner that’s available 24/7.  Today, however, it’s caused a bit of consternation.  Two warning lights came on! Oh no! The Tin Can isn’t feeling well! Serious business!

The Stache has to ride (home stretch!), so the Tin Can and I set off to find a ‘drive in’clinic. After several stops and numerous attempts to find resources on Google, I was finally directed to a marina, of all places, because, ‘they know diesel  engines’!TC and I drove down a long dirt road and were a bit alarmed to find all the boats looking like ghosts! Our fears were alleviated when we were greeted by the family who owns and runs the place. They are a fun loving  Italian family from Boston.  It was like a Boat version of The Cake Doctor! (If you haven’t seen the show, it’s way past time you did!) They treated me like I was their daughter…concerned about the situation; the well being of the Tin Can and interested in our CAF mission. In the end, the Tin Can was good to go and this family donated a significant portion of our bill to CAF! 😊  I went in search of the Stache. He was lost and I was lost. We agreed to meet in Wiscasset,  a little town on the water. When we found one another, we consoled ourselves with lobster rolls for lunch! Yum! (And yes, those are big chunks of lobster slipping between his fingers!)

Tonight we are in Booth Bay, Maine. Went into the village for dinner and sat next to Dan and Carol. They live south of Boston and are dedicated Christians.  Carol plays and teaches piano. Dan plays the organ. Sometimes they play together. Dan had a career designing kitchens. In his retirement, he decided to do something very unique….he bought an ice cream truck! He is in great demand for weddings, birthdays and picnics and having a great time. Delightful couple and a joy to spend the evening with. 

Two more days. The Tin Can is mended and the Stache will be ready in the morning. 


14 thoughts on “The Tin Can

  1. So glad you found a “clinic” for the Tin Can… God’s providential care!!! What a joy to meet such delightful people along the way!! The photo of Billy eating made my mouth water!! Thank you for the post today!! Love you guys!!!


  2. Finally I am able to get this through to you Amy. Have been trying to write but the screen has repeatedly vanished before I could even write one word. I have read every blog and loved it with all of your humor. What a tremendous blessing you have been to everyone along the way. Have prayed daily for your safety and witness and health etc. Have adored the chance to see the pictures you have sent. God’s creation is beyond description and only a picture will do. It will be very good to hear when you make it safely home.
    Serve Him without let up.
    Love, Bonnie


  3. So glad all is well! Lobster looks amazing! Leaving Fl- sad- sobeautiful here— Amelia Island stop over- great reunion place😊

    Sent from my iPhone RAKoenig



    1. Have fun and be safe. All is not well w RV. Had to have it towed this morning to Bangor! Closest Mercedes dealership. Problem w it’s computer. Billy is on his bike. Our friends who came to celebrate w us are just 10 miles from me and will come and pick me up. It’s 84 miles to Bar Harbor so, we will need to find Billy and pick him up along the way! The adventure continues!


  4. The TC is getting homesick. 🤒 Happy to hear that he is back to himself. The pictures are beautiful, the food looks wonderful and you guys look like you can go another 2500 miles. I’m sure, just as like the TC, you are homesick as well. So proud of you. You are always in my prayers! Again, I enjoyed the very interesting and adventurous ride.


  5. Oh how we have enjoyed this journey with you and are praying for a safe and strong finish. We spent a wonderful summer in Waterville while John was in residency – beautiful country. Enjoy the lobster! What a blessing you continue to be to so many.


    1. Thanks so much for following and for your prayers especially! We have been SO blessed w good health, weather and safety and it’s all from the Lord. He is SO GOOD! That’s so great that you two spent time in this part of the country! So beautiful! We decided ahead of time that we would eat all the lobster we could eat. It is SO rich! We couldn’t eat as much as we thought! 😊 Sending love and prayers for you both! ❤️🙏🏼


  6. A marina with stored boats for the Tin Can. Of course! Sorry you have had another issue since the fix. I am happy neither of you needs a tow!


  7. So sorry to be absent. Big headaches coming home. Still an adjustment being home. Lots of bills to catch up on. Really enjoyed seeing the CAF Triathelon Sunday morning. John’s birthday yesterday. Went to dinner than to the shooting range! Got 100% and a solid kill. Too loud for my ears and we did have ear plugs in. Anyway sounds like your doing great. I love the way you enjoy the people you meet. What a blessing!!! 🎁🚴🚴☺🍂🍃🍁🌲


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