Ticker tape parades, New Years Eve, Final Four celebrations and birthday cards, from a mischievous friend, are typically what come to mind when I think of confetti, but New England, in the fall, has changed all that. I had pulled off the road to gawk at the trees when I noticed a fellow gawker a few feet away. Becky and her husband are hiking the Appalachian Trail. They began in Georgia in April.  They carry thirty pound packs. She needs new shoes every 200 miles. (Soloman’s) Their marriage is better for it, though it hasn’t been without its moments. As we were chatting, a sudden gust of wind hit. (We were at the top Kancamagus  mountain)The air was instantly filled with a glorious swirl of yellow, garnet and orange confetti. It was if God had cast an enormous handful of color  into the sky to celebrate His glorious creation. It took our breath away. The confetti settled in our hair and on our shoulders.  We laughed like old friends. 

Confetti is for celebrations. Tonight we met Keegan and her mom, Missy. Keegan is a winsome, articulate young woman who has lived her life without her right hand.  Keegan was very shy until she had the opportunity to attend ‘Camp No Limits’. The camp is for amputees, and provides support, on a number of levels, for them and for their families.  Keegan and her family have become involved as volunteers. Keegan now mentors campers and aspires to run a camp someday. She is no longer shy, but an outspoken advocate for others who have dealt with similar challenges.  She is involved in a number of sports, but her next goal is the Trek  Across Maine, with her Dad.  Her grant from CAF was to purchase a bike for that goal.  A freshman in community college, she aspires to become an occupational therapist.Confetti is in order here!New England is beautiful and hilly. If you’ve followed these blogs, you know how I feel about hills.  I’ve begun to focus my full attention on the Stache, his safety and successful completion of the ride. (How’s that for creative rationalization?) In any case, I’m extremely proud of him and given a God sized hand, I would toss hand fulls of New England confetti into the sky. The Stache has three more days of riding.  There probably won’t be a ticker tape parade with confetti, but in my heart and mind, he will deserve it. 


7 thoughts on “Confetti 

  1. So proud of you both. What an honor to ride for these precious warriors. We are heading back to San Diego now with many beautiful fall pictures and memories of our loved ones. Can’t wait to welcome you home!!! 🍂🍃🍁😘 Safe journey,,,💝


  2. No! Say it isn’t so! I love you 2 on this adventure! So impressed with both of you! I was just catching up on your blogs during my lunch break. So enjoy reading about it all!


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