I believe it was Burl Ives who sang ‘The Erie Canal’ when I was a child. (Bruce Springsteen sings it for the present generation.) (No, really!) The composer, Thomas S Allen, could see that the days of mule drawn barges, along the canal, were coming to an end and being replaced by hydro and diesel power. He wrote the lyrics from the perspective of a man who relied on his mule, Sal, to pull the barges up the ‘tow path’(which is still there). 

“I’ve got an old mule and her name is Sal, 15 years on the Erie Canal. She’s a good ole worker and a good ole pal, 15 years on the Erie Canal.”

I thought a lot about Sal, as I rode 130 miles along the canal, over three days.  (And yes, I’m totally bragging on myself!)  But today is where Sal and I part ways. She kept on towing and I fizzled out! It’s called ‘lots of determination  with limited capacity’. 

Just can’t seem to keep up w/the Stache! If he had even suggested harnessing me to a bike, I might have kicked like a mule! Long story short, I took the day off. 

The Stache took off and I headed for Hannibal, NY.  I stocked up on groceries and gas, then located a lake side park to wait for the true cycler.  I think Sal would have liked him……He just keeps going.BG rode 75 miles with a fair amount of climbing and was very happy to see a cold lake to soak his tired self in!We found a local diner for a bite to eat.  Food was fair, but the people and the place were interesting. Case in point. Our table was in the bar area. (Sports on!) If you’ll observe, there is a kiddy play area in the bar! Parents brought little ones in and directed them to the toy box while they had a drink w friends and family. They do things differently here. 

We are generally flying by the seat of our pants when it comes to finding places to stay.  Last night we were traveling dark country roads, until we found a spot. Can you spell Relief?!

Today is a day of rest for The Stache. We have spent the day in the Skaneateles Lake Village. It sits on one of the Finger Lakes. Check out the map! They really do look like fingers.  Now, how do you suppose they say Skaneateles? I’m smiling at some of your attempts. Others…crickets. It’s pronounced Scanny-atlas! Can you say it fast three times? 

The third verse of The Erie Canal says, “I eat my meals with Sal each day. I eat beef and she eats hay. And she ain’t so slow if you want to know. She put the ‘buff’ in buffalo.”

Revelation! I can’t keep up with the Stache because he’s eating meat and I’m eating hay (SALAD!)!


3 thoughts on “Erie Canal and the Finger Lakes

  1. Believe it or not I, too, biked the fingers lake region of new York. Beautiful. Very much like MN. Loved their wine in the evening in our tent.Keep up the good work!!!🚲🚲💨


  2. “Save your hay (hey) you might meet a horse!” An old comment from my mom! I say you deserve your day off girlfriend! You have proved yourself to be more athletic than you could have ever hoped or imagined!


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