Do you have a Find My Friends App on your phone? I do. The only friend I have listed is Bill Geppert. And do you think I can find him when I need to find him?  A rhetorical question to be sure. We all know the answer. Unless one has the resources and capacity to carry a cell tower on the top of one’s Tin Can, it’s just out of the question. Turns out, Canada is just as vast as America and just as remote. And BG has knack for riding his bike in non cell areas. 

Yesterday, our friends Rick and Sarah were on board the Tin Can,with me, while The Stache road his bike.  We searched for the B&B Bill had reserved. When we arrived we were greeted by a very eccentric woman who informed us of the rules. We could only eat breakfast two at a time at her kitchen table. We could not carry a chair from one place to another because if we hurt ourselves she could be sued. You get the picture. 

Her home looked like a bomb had gone off at a Halloween carnival. In every room there were ghosts and skeletons and scary looking heads and masks. My throat closed. 

We went for lunch and all agreed we could not stay at the B&B. I was elected to inform our hostess. It didn’t go well. She teared up. Of course that finished me off.  We paid her for the night and left. I dropped our friends at the lake and went in search of BG.  Found him just a block from the B&B. Close call! We enjoyed some time at the lake and then headed for the Best Western.  

Rick and Sarah have been good natured, ‘go with the flow’ traveling buddies. We will part with them in Toronto tonight and will miss them. Glad we ‘Found these Friends’ 


8 thoughts on “Find My Friends

  1. What gorgeous photos! Love the stories. Keep them coming please!!!!

    Also, so you know, the bicycle backpack you gave me made its first big voyage up to Alaska. She LOVED the scenery and carrying all the treats for our salmon fishing excursions!



  2. Life is not without trials, even at spooky bed and breakfasts!!! You did well. You are the sweetest ambassador…and finder of “persons of interest.” LOL πŸ‘ΈπŸš²πŸ”πŸ·


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